Planning & Steering Committee

Our Planning & Steering committee deliberates over the activities and policy direction of the consortium and oversees the budget. With our most senior-level officers forming the bulk of membership on this committee, they ensure the direction and most significant decisions are consistent with our overriding vision and philosophy. The committee also approves all new members, activities, and committees. With the chairs from all committees represented, we ensure activities are coordinated and information is shared across the Consortium.

Training & Education Committee

Edit and publish textbooks to be appropriate for the level of knowledge and target scope as materials for certification tests and training.

Technical Committee

This committee oversees the standardization of techniques for plain English communication in all of its shapes and forms. This entails guidelines, evaluations for verification purposes, practical assumptions, and more. This committee oversees the design of technical seminars, studies, and surveys to handle specialized areas such as public relations, legal affairs, and finance.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Committee

This committee is responsible for the rights protection of works created by the consortium.

Marketing & Public Relations Committee

Our events raise awareness for plain English both in Japan and overseas. Award events commend excellence in use and visibility. Case studies showcase specific examples of ways to implement plain English along with other practical learning and considerations. Companies recognized for excellence in plain English are invited to lead seminars and showcase their activities and methods. Exchange meetings with diplomats in Japan improve our global perspective and visibility within the international community.